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Prospect Farm Livery consists of 26 acres, divided up into 4 large fields. Each field is sub-divided into individual paddocks, all of which are controlled by mains electric fencing. Each paddock is serviced by an automatic filling water trough and are usually occupied by 2 or more horses of similar age, sex and behavioural apptitude. The paddocks are alternated between winter and summer allowing for the regeneration of grass.


The Livery consists of 16 stables,

of which 13 are full size, 2 pony

size and one foaling box. All of

which are constructed of concrete

block, wood with substantial

doors and locks, together with rubber matting.





                                                        The Livery provides a 40x20 metre

                                                        fully rubberised menage which is floodlit.






All clients have a designated storage area behind or near their allocated stable, together with a secure locker.


A short distance from the stables is the barn for the storage of hay etc with the dung pile a short distance away from the stables.

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